Cowley, Abraham . The Third Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley Being his Six Books of Plants
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Upon the same.

THY conquer'd Ivy, Bacchus! now throw down, [image]
And of this Herb make a far nobler Crown!
This Herb, with Plenty's bounteous current feeds,
Plenty which constantly it self succeeds.
So thy extended Guts thy Godship swills,
And its own self thy titled Hogshead fills.
So at Joves Table Gods the Goblet drain,
But straight with Nectar it grows full again.       920
Nor do the Cups the Phrygian Stripling need,
To fill them; each is his own Ganymede.
So in the Heart, that double lusty bowl
(In which the Soul it self drinks Life and Soul)
That Heav'nly bowl, made by an Heav'nly hand,
With purple Nectar always crown'd does stand.
Of what she spends Nature ne'r feels the lack,
What one throws out, another brings it back.       [Latin: 860]
Blest Plant, brimful of moisture radical!
No wonder thou the Spirits, lest they fall,
Support'st, or that Consumptive bodies you,
And the firm Limbs bind with a lasting glue.
Or that lifes Lamp, which ready is to die,
With such vivacious Oil you can supply.
No wonder to the Lungs thou grateful art,
Thy constant waters feed that spongy part.
You Venus also loves, for though you're wet,
Your inside, like your outside's burnt with heat,
These are Lusts Elements; of heat she makes
A Soul, and moisture for her Body takes.       940