MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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Nathan Ingelo
A Song of Thanksgiving
5 July

    See Ian Spink, Restoration Cathedral Music 1660-1714 (OUP, 1995), for notes on Ingelo and Rogers; see Woods Ath Oxon, 4:307

    A manuscript note on the verso of O1 reads: "This musique was performed at Guildhall in the year 1660. at the great ffeast, for King Charles the second, (with about 20 of his maties servants, and the 2 Houses of pliament at Dinner in the said Hall: Composed by Ben: Rogers then of Windsor by order of Sir Tho: Allen Lord mayor, and the Court of Aldermen formed to his Maties Great Satisfaction being Instrumentall, and Vocall Musique in Lattin. about the year 1653 was severall sets of Avis of the gd B[enjamin]. R[ogers]. for the violins, and organ, of 4 parts, sent into Germany for the ArchDuke Leopolds Court, (who is now Emporour) and plaid there by his own Musitians to his great content He himself, being a Composer."

    Woods' futher manuscript note to his copy of the Latin version, Hymnus Eucharisticus at O3 reads: "Made by Dr Nathan Ingelo, Fellow of Eaton Coll. near Windsor, sometimes of Qu. coll in Cambridge -- -an. 1660. It was then put into English by the author. To His Hymnus Eucharisticus Ben. Rogers of Windsor, Bach. of Musick, did at the request of the Lord Mayor of Lond. & Aldmen compose a song of four parts. This song was admirably well pformed by about 12. voices, 12 Instruments & an Organ, by mostly his Majesties servants, in the Guildhall of the citie of London, on the 12 [ie 5]of July (thursday) 1660, on wh. day his maj. K Ch.2. James Duke of York Hen. Duke of Gloc. & both Houses of parliament were entertained with a most sumptuous dinner & banquet. Copies of these paps were printed in Lat. & English: one was delivered to the K. & the two Dukes & others to the Nobility for purposely that they might look on them when it was pformed by the said servants belonging to his majesty. It gave very great content, & Benj. Rogers who composed the song, being then present, gained great credit for wt he had done, & a good reward. It was sung in the Lat. tongue."

    The Guildhall entertainment at which this piece was performed actually took place on Thursday, 5 July (see ms note O2 and Ath Oxon ref above). John Tatham's London's Glory provides a full account; see also Pepys, 1:193; Parliamentary Intelligencer (2-9 July), pp. 445-6; Mercurius Publicus 28 (5-12 July), pp. 437-8; Rugg, pp. 98-9. Preparations for the celebration had started before Charles's arrival in London, according to the Loyal Scout 102 (29 May-6 June), p. 419.

A Song of Thanksgiving.



REjoyce in the Lord, O ye Righteous; For Praise is comly for
the Upright. Sing unto God a new Song, play skilfully with a
loud noise.

For the Word of the Lord is Right, and all his works

are done in Truth: He Loveth Righteousness
Contra and Tenor

and Judgment: The Earth is full of the Goodness of the Lord.


How excellent is thy Loving Kindness, O God, therefore

the Children of Men shall put their trust under the
shadow of thy Wings: They shall be satisfied with the
fatness of they House, and thou shalt make them drink
of the Rivers of thy Pleasures.
1 Treble

For with thee is the Fountain of Life; in thy light we shall see light.
First Chorus of four Parts.

O continue they loving kindness to them that know thee, and
thy Righteousness to the Upright in heart.
Let not the foot of Pride come against me; and let not the
Hand of the wicked remove me.
A Bass.

God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present Help in
trouble; Therefore will we not fear, though the Earth
be moved, and though the Mountains be cast in the midst
of the Sea.

There is a River the streams whereof shall make glad
the City of God, the Holy place of the most High.

God is in the midst of her, therefore shall she not be
3 Voc.

moved: God shall help her, and that right early.

Two Tenors.

For the Mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting,
upon them that fear him; and his Righteousness unto Childrens
2 Voc.

Children, to such as remember his Commandments to do them.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me,
bless his holy Name.
Last Chorus, five Parts with Instruments.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who only doth wonderful
things; and blessed be his Glorious Name; and let the whole
Earth be filled with his Glory. We will bless the Lord both
now and evermore: For his Mercy is great towards us; and the
Truth of the Lord endureth for evermore.
Praise the Lord.

Composed by Benjamin Rogers of Windsor.