MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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Caledon's Gratulatory Rapture
[undated: after 29 May]

   Charles is clearly back and in some sense in command, so the sense that these verses commemorate a particular day -- "This Day, This Solemn-memorable Day" -- suggest composition shortly after 29 May.

[ornamental header]
At the Happy Return of our Dread Lord and

HEnce Hellish fury's to your Stygian Cells,
Here is nor Time, nor Place, for Charms, or Spells,
Our Horizontall Pho/ebus doth appear
To guild the Zodiack of this Hemisphear
5: With Royal Rayes: Although your furious rage
Long forc'd thir Clyms, to prove the dismall stage
Of Treasons, Murthers, Ruins, Rapins, When
Pow'r was usurped by the scum of men:
The Throne was Raz'd, And Sacred Majestie
10: Was sacrifized to the Tyrannie
Of worst of Vermin, All the Royall Race
Exil'd, and Royalty in high disgrace
Enter'd; How (then) obscured was our Light?
Our Day transformed to Cymerian night?
Yet from thus Pho/enix's ashes, lo, their springs
A Pho/enix that's the Diadem of Kings:
With what transcending glory doth he rise,
To clear the shads of our long dark'ned skies;
The Thron's repaired, Majesty restor'd,
20: The Regal Race return'd, admir'd, ador'd!
Brave Heroe's, great restorers of the Crown!
All future ages shall your true renown
Admire; And the unparalelled Storie
Proclaim, of your so much deserving Glorie.
25: But gen'rous George, the George most high deserves
Of Royal bounty, which as yet reserves
A Magazine of Honour, to Proclame
The meritorious grandour of his Fame:
While Regicids with infamie arraign'd,
30: And all their Complice's with shame are stain'd.
Then Loyal Natives, let us chaunt and sing
With chearful Acclamations Carolling
This Day, This Solemn-memorable Day
How beautified, by the Royal Ray
35: Of Sacred Majestie? How hearts, and tongues
Englarged are, in chearful cries and songs?
The Heaven's resoun'd, The Eccho's do reply,
The sweet concordance of this Harmony:
Long live Renown'd, Renown'd long be the Raign
Of Charl's the Second, our Dread Soveraign.