MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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The chearfull Acclamation
of the City of EDINBURGH

    A unicum from the library at Worcester College, Oxford.

The chearfull Acclamation of the City of
For the happy Return of his Sacred Majesty,

WAft'd from sorrows waves, where many years
I drenched was, in seas of brynie tears,
With chearful countenance, I come again,
To vow due homage to my Soveraign!
When Armed violence envad'd the Throne,
Martyr'd my Sacred Syr, exyl'd his Son,
Murther'd his Subjects, Ruin'd all the Land,
And worst of Monsters did usurp Command;
Then I, Edina, I was forc'd to be
10: A perfect pattern of true misery:
But Heav'n is pleased for to smile again,
And Rear Great CHARLES on the Royal Wain,
(Whose Radiant Lustre doth at length despell
Clouds seeming darker then the shads of Hell)
15: O! may the Instruments for ever be
A fragrant perfume to Posterity:
And thou, brave Monck, all ages shall proclame
Renvowned praise, to thy deserved Fame.
Dread Soveraign! may thy Throne so blessed be,
20: That all thy people may be bless'd in Thee!
And let the splendour of thy Royal Shryne,
Be like great Ph'bus in his Southern Shyne [sic
To cherish Loyal Subjects, let thine Hand
Tear (like the Lyons Paw) what doth gainstand
25: Thy just Decrees: All Natives come I pray
And (with Edina) Solemnize this Day
To CHARLES the Second, Men, and Angels sing,
God save Great Britains, France's, and Irelands King.

F I N I S.

Part X. Punishing the Regicides, July to October 1660