MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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Appendix: An Annotated Calendar of Poems Addressing General Monk on the Eve of the Restoration, December 1659-July 1660.

   This list of verses addressed to Monk is certain to have omitted works that should have been included. It requires supplementing by a carefull examination of the many prose tracts in the Thomason Tracts and elsewhere.

   Works are calendared in chronological order; shelfmarks are given to copies I have examined and are not a comprehensive list of extant works.

December and January

   The Noble English Worthies. "'Tis not Saint George we sing of here." LONDON, Printed by Tho. Milbourn and are to be sold at his House in Jewen Street. brs. 0 Wood 416(24); LT 669.f.22(36), ms dated "December 1659"; L c.20.f.4(75).

   The Glory of the West or, The Tenth Renowned Worthy, and most Heroick Champion of this Brittish Island. Being an unparallel'd Commemoration of General Monck's coming towards the City of London. London, printed for Charles Gustavus. brs. O Wood 416(39), ms dated "January 1659"; L1 c.20.f.2(36); L2 82.L.8(25).

   Advice to Gen. Monck: By a Friend that wisheth his Happiness. brs. LT 669.f.23(19), ms dated "31 Jan 1660"; OW L.R.8(32), ms dated "Feb 1659."


   Saint George, and the Dragon, Anglice, Mercurius Poeticus: To the Tune of, The Old Souldjour [sic] of the Queens, &c. brs. LT 669.f.23(66), ms dated "28 Feb 1659/60"; OW L.R.8.32.

   Englands Triumph. Or The Rump Routed By the true Assertor of Englands Interest, Generall George Monck. A Sonet. To the Tune of, Fill up the Parliament full. London: Printed for James Johnson. O Wood 416(48), ms dated "Feb. 1659."; L1 c.20.f.2(34); L2 c.20.f.4(72).

   Redemptio Ab Aquilone, Or some Good out of Scotland, To the Tune of Cook Laurell. O Wood 416(46), ms. dated "1659: feb".

   "G. Tichwhit," General Monks Welcome (From the Citie) to Whitehall. To the Tune of, When the King Enjoys his Own again. O Wood 416(52), ms dated "Feb 1659"; OW L.R.8.32.


   Monasticon, OR LONDON's Gratulation to the Lord General. The sixth of March, 1660. brs. L 82.L.8(24).

    The Second Part of Saint George for England. To the Tune of, To drive the cold Winter away brs. O Wood 416(54), ms dated "March 1659/60"; LT 669.f.24(4), ms dated "7 March 1659/60."

   A Speech Made To The Lord General MONCK, at Clotheworkers Hall in London The 13. of March, 1659. at which time he was there entertained by that Worthie Companie O1 Wood 398(3); O2 Firth b.20(16); LT 669.f.24(8); L c.20.f.2(27).

   William Davenant, A Panegyrick to his Excellency, The Lord General MONCK. London, Printed for Henry Herringman, 1659. O Wood 416(66), ms dated "March"; LT 669.f.24(33), ms dated "24 March"; L c.20.f.2(25).

   A Speech Spoken to his Excellency the Lord General Monk, By one Representing the Genius of ENGLAND at Drapers-Hall, Wednesday the 28. of March. Printed for Richard Andrews. brs. LT 669.f.24(46); L c.20.f.2(26); OW L.R.8.32.

   Dialogue betwixt Tom and Dick The former a COUNTRY-MAN, The other a CITIZEN, presented to his EXCELLENCY and the COUNCIL of STATE, at Drapers-Hall in LONDON, March 28. 1660. (To the tune of I'le never love thee more.) O Firth b. 20(21); LT 669.f.24(49), ms dated "30 March"; L1 c.20.f.2(38); L2 c.20.f.4(63); L3 c.40.m.11(5).

   Walter Yeokney, A Speech Made to his Excellency The Lord General MONCK, and the Councell of State, at Drapers-hall in London: The 28th of March, 1660. At which time they were entertained by that honourable Company. "The Reader may take notice that the other Speech is a forged cheat, and disowned by Walter Yeokney." LONDON: Printed for Henry Broome at the Gun in Ivy-lane, 1660. O Wood 398(5); LT 669.f.24(46).

   [John Denham?], A PANEGYRICK ON HIS EXCELLENCY The LORD GENERAL GEORGE MONCK: Commander in Chief of all the Forces IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND. LONDON, Printed for Richard Marriot in Fleetstreet, 1659. L1 Ashley 624; L2 Lutt.II.72; L3 c.20.f.2(34); O Wood 319(8), ms note: "March: said to be made by Jo. Denham: see whether it be in his works -- -". See also Woods, AO (1721 ed) 2: 423. Banks in Poems accepts and includes this; O Hehir in Harmony from Discords isn't so sure (pp. 152-53).

   "T. B.", The Muses congratulatory Address to his Excellency the Lord General MONCK. "Awake ye sacred Quire the night is past..." O Wood 416(72), ms dated "March 1660"; LT 669.f.24(54), ms dated "5 April".


   A Speech to the Lord General Monck at Skinners-hall April the fourth, 1660. Spoken by Mr. W. Bard. London, Printed for John Towers 1660. O Wood 398(6); LT 669.f.24(55), ms dated "5 April".

   Walter Yeokney, A Song to his Excellency the Ld. General Monck, at Skinners-Hall on Wednesday April 4. 1660...The Reader may take notice that this is the right Speech, sung by W. Yeokney. Printed for William Anderson, 1660. L c.20.f.2(29).

   Thomas Jordan, A Speech Made to his Excellency the Lord General Monck, and the Council of State, at Goldsmiths Hall in London, the tenth day of April, 1660. At which time they were entertained by that honourable Company. London, Printed for H. B. at the Gun in Ivy-Lane, 1660. O Wood 398(7); LT 669.f.24(59), ms dated "11 april"; L c.20.f.2(30).

   Walter Yeokney, The Speech spoken to the Lord General Monck at Goldsmiths-Hall April the tenth, 1660. By Walter Yolkney. London, printed for John Towers. LT 669.f.24(58), ms dated "11 April".

   Thomas Jordan, A Speech made to his Excellency George Monck General, &c. The Twelfth day of Aprill, M.DC.LX. At a Solemn Entertainment at Vinteners-Hal. Wherein his Illustrious Virtues are shaddowed forth under the Emblem of a Vine. O Wood 398(8); Manchester Chetham Halliwell-Phillips #2746 (copy torn and cropped at bottom); LT 669.f.24(61), ms dated "13 April"; L c.20.f.2(31); OW L.R.8.32.

   Cyprian Southaick, Fames Genius. OR, A PANEGYRICK Upon tHis Excellency the Lord General Monck. At Vintners-Hall, Thursday the 12th of April 1660. London, Printed for J. Jones and are to be sold at the Royal Exchange in Cornhil, 1660. LT 669.f.24(62), ms dated "13 April".

   Thomas Jordan, A Speech made to his Excellency the Lord General Monck and the Council of State, at Fishmongers-Hall in London. The Thirteenth of April, 1660. At which time they were entertained by that Honorable Company. "After a Song of Difference betwixt the Lawyer, the Soldier, the Citizen and the Countrey-man. The Chorus being ended. Enter the Ghost of Massianello Fisher-man of Naples. [text] Spoken by Walter Youkcny [sic]". London, Printed by W. Godbid over against the Anchor Inn in Little Brittain. 1660. O Wood 398(9); Manchester Chetham Halliwell-Phillips #2747 (torn); L c.20.f.2(32) (torn); OW L.R.8.32.

   Bacchus Festival, Or, a New medley Being A Musical Representation at the Entertainment of his Excellency the Lord General Monck. At Vintners-Hall, April 12. 1660. brs. LT 669.f.24(64), ms dated "13 April".

   Robert Wilde, Iter Boreale. Attempting something upon the Successful Matchless March of the Lord General George Monck, From Scotland to London, The Last Winter, &c. By a Rural Pen. London, Printed on St George's Day, for George Thomason at the Rose and Crown in St Pauls Churchyard, 1660. LT E.1021(13), ms dated "23 April"; OB 910.h.13(26), Nicholas Crouch bought this copy for 1d in the 1690s.


   Richard Farrar, A Panegyrick to his Excellency the Lord General Monck. London, Printed by John Macock. May 22. 1660. brs. LT 669.f.25(29), date in colophon.


   "J. H." Englands Joy, Expressed in an 'EPINI'KON, To the most Renowned Man of Honor, and Temporal Redeemer of the Prince, Peers, and People of this Land, His Excellencey The Lord General Monck. London, Printed for M. B. 1660. brs. LT 669.f.25(50), ms dated "25 June".

   This broadside was attributed to James Howell by Hazlitt, but William H. Vann, in Notes on the Writings of James Howell (Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, 1924), argues against the attribution thus: Payne Fisher left it out of his edition of Howell's Poems and Howell did not write "political verses", though some of the idioms are suitable. Vann suggests "If he did write the lines to Monk, he was probably the same J. H. who, on April 30th of that year gave forth "England's Genius Pleading for King Charles," a one-sheet broadside, and "England's Joy For the coming of King Charles II," May 4th. All these give evidence of the same hand; but I am doubtful whether Howell was the author" (pp. 62-3). Curiously, neither of these works, which are included in this anthology, are signed "J. H." The latter is by Henry Brome; a shorter version appeared under the title "For General Monk his Entertainment at Cloath-workers Hall" in Brome's Poems (1661).


   W. Drummond, Anagram Of his Excellency the Lord Generall George Monck, King Come Ore. brs. LT 669.f.25(63), ms dated "25 July"; HH [not found]. To be included in this anthology.

Undatable Poems to Monk

   An Essay to A Continuation of Iter Boreale, Attempting soemthing upon the happy influence, which that seasonable and successful march of the Lord Generall Monck Out of the North, had upon the Arts and Sciences. The Second Part. By a Lover of Learning. London, Printed for R.S. 1660. O Firth e.157(4).

   Robert Howard, "A Panegyrick to Generall MONCK," in Poems, pp. 283-5.

   William Moorhead, Lachrimæ Sive Valediction Scotiæ ... The Teares and Valediction of Scotland Upon the Departing of her Governour, the Lord Generall George Monck. By H. Brugis for the Author, 1660. Wing M613. O, OW, CT; CH, MH.

   The Noble Monk: OR, An Acrostical Panegyrick to the memory of his Excellency The Lord General Monk. London, Printed by Tho. Milbourn for the Author. brs. LT 669.f.23(49).

   The Pedegree and Descent of His Excellency, General George Monck. Setting forth how He is descended from King EDWARD the Third, by a Branch and Skip of the WHITE ROSE, THE House of York. And likewise, His Extraction from RICHARD King of the ROMANS. WITH The State, Title and Descents of the Houses of YORK and LANCASTER in their several Branches. London, Printed for W. Godbid 1659. OC A.73.(34).

   Samuel Pordage, "A Panegyrick to his Excellency General Monck" in Poems, sigs B2-B4.

   "J. W.", Englands Heroick Champion. Or the ever renowned Generall George Monck, through whose Valor and prudence Englands antient Liberties are restored, and a Full and Free parliament now to be called, to the great joy of the Nation. London, Printed for John Andrews a at the White Lion near Pye Corner. Bl brs. L Rox.III.246.

    The British Library Catalogue attributes this to John Wade, following Ebsworth, RB.

   "W. Y.", The Entertainment of the Lady Monk, At Fishers-Folly. Together with an Addresse made to her by a Member of the College of Bedlam at her visiting those Phanatiques. Printed 1660. O Wood 398(10).