MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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The Poems: A Short-Title Calendar

   This listing represents the chronological groups into which I have organized the poems and in which they will be issued.

I. Anticipation: The King Enjoys His own Again

Martin Parker, The King enjoys his own again [undated]

England's Great Prognosticator [undated]

A Worthy Kings Description [before May?]

II. The Escape from Worcester

J. W., The Royall Oak [before 29 May]

Henry Jones, The Royal Patient Traveller (1660)

The Royal Wanderer [before May?]

The Wonderfull and Miraculous escape of our Gracious King [before May?]

John Couch, His Majesties miraculous Preservation By the Oak, Maid, and Ship [before May?]

III. Hoping for the King, December 1659-April 1660

J. W., "A Second Charles" [February?]

A Psalme Sung by the people, before the bone-fires (February)

Thomas Robins, The Royall Subjects Joy [late February?]

Upon the King's Most Excellent Majestie (February)

Variant reprints: (1) News From The Royall Exchange (16 March), (2) "Arts Chaste Rule" The Case is altered [after 16 March?]

Thomas Joy, A Loyal Subjects Admonition [after March?]

An Exit to Exit Tyrannus (17 March)

The King Advancing (21 March)

"Upon the Kings Prerogative and Person", from The Case Stated (24 March)

John Ogilby, "The Second Charles" (28 March)

Variant reprints: (1) "The Second Charles (2) in The manner of the Solemnity (6 September)

England's Rejoycing at That Happy Day [March/April?]

Vox Populi Suprema Rex Carolus. Or the voice of the People for King Charles (April)

England's Genius Pleading for King Charles (April)

"Facidius Possibilis," A Royal Prophecy [late April?]

Gallant News of late I bring [late April?]

Richard Flecknoe, "Pourtrait of His Majesty" [late April?]

IV. The King Declared, early May

Anthony Sadler, Majestie Irradiant (1 May)

T. W., Dolor Ac Voluptas (8 May)

London and England Triumphant [8 May]

England's Day of Joy and Reioicing [8 May]

I. W., England's Honour, and London's Glory [8 May]

Alexander Huish, from Musa Ruralis (10 May)

Alexander Brome, England's Joy (14 May)

G. S., Britain's Triumph (14 May)

M. D., The Subjects Desire (16 May)

"A Bonfire Carol," from A Private Conference (May)

Anthony Sadler, The Subject's Joy (17 May)

Nathaneal Richards, Upon the Declaration (18 May)

J. Rowland, His Sacred Majesty Charles the II (May)

Martin Lluellyn, To The Kings Most Excellent Majesty (May)

The Countrey-mans Vive Le Roy [early May?]

J. G. B., Royall Poems [early May?]

V. Arrival and Progress in England, 25-31 May 1660

Giles Duncombe and Thomas Flatman (?), verses from Scutum Regale (21-8 May)

Richard Bradshaw, "Upon the most desired return" (25 May)

"When Charles King of England" [after 25 May]

Vox Populi, the voice of the people congratulating His Majesty, King Charles (28 May)

H. H. B., A Poem To His Majestie On His Landing [May]

T. H., Iter Boreale, The Second part Variant rpt. of The Noble Progresse [28 May]

Thomas Mayhew, Upon The Joyful and Welcome Return (May)

William Pestell, A Congratulation (29 May)

James Shirley, An Ode Upon the Happy Return [May]

England's Pleasant May-flower [29 May]

Englands Gratulation [after 29 May]

J. W., The King and Kingdoms joyful Day of Triumph [after 29 May]

The Glory of these Nations [after 29 May]

Iter Australe [after 29 May]

James Bernard, A Poem Upon His Sacred Majesties [after 29 May]

Charles Hammond, from London's Triumphant Holiday, and from The Worlds Timely Warning-Piece [after 29 May?]

Laurence Price, Win at first, lose at last [after May?]

Abraham Cowley, Ode, Upon the Blessed Restoration (May)

W. L., Good News From The Netherlands (31 May)

A Countrey Song, Intituled The Restoration (May)

England's Captivity Returned [May?]

VI. Loyal expressions, June

William Lower, "An Acrostick Poem" [after 2 June]

To the King, Upon His Majesties Happy Return (June)

Alexander Brome, A Congratulatory Poem (4 June)

Thomas Saunderson, A Royall Loyall Poem (4 June)

Elias Ashmole, Sol In Ascendente (after 4 June)

Theophilus Cleaver and Daniel Nichols, verses in Filius Heroum (5 June)

Arthur Brett, The Restauration (5 June)

John Lawson, Upon The Blessed Return (6 June)

Samuel Woodford, Epinicia Carolina (7 June)

Abiel Borfet, Postliminia Caroli II (8 June)

Edmund Waller, To The King (9 June)

Thomas Higgons, A Panegyrick To The King (10 June)

Clement Ellis, To the King's Most Excellent Majesty (June)

A Congratulation For His Sacred Majesty (13 June)

Samuel Holland, To The Best of Monarchs (14 June)

Samuel Willes, To the King's Most Sacred Majesty (June)

Anglia Rediviva: A Poem On His Majesties Most Joyfull Reception Into England (17 June)

John Dryden, Astraea Redux (19 June)

William Davenant, Poem (25 June)

Thomas Edwards, To His Sacred Majesty (26 June)

Thomas Flatman, A Panegyrick (30 June)

A Glimpse of Joy (30 June)

William Fairebrother, An Essay of a Loyal Brest (June)

Robert Howard, "A Panegyrick" (June)

Edmund Elys, Anglia Rediviva [June]

William Chamberlayne, England's Jubile [June?]

John Collop, Itur Satyricum [June?]

William Smith, Carmen Triumphale [June?]

A. Starkey, Good News for England [early June?]

VII. Two academic gatherings

Oxford University, Britannia Rediviva (7 July)

Woodstock Grammar School, Votivum Carolo (June/July)

VIII. Loyal Expressions, July 1660

Giles Fleming, from Stemma Sacrum (July)

John Tatham, from London's Glory (5 July)

The Royal Entertainment . . . the Fourth of July (July)

Nathan Ingelo, "A Song of Thanksgiving" (5 July)

J. P., The Loyal Subjects hearty Wishes [after July?]

Thomas Fuller, A Panegyrick [after 6 July?]

Richard Brathwait, To His Majesty (12 July)

John Selden, from The Royal Chronicle (17 July)

The Valiant Seamans Congratulation [July?]

Ralph Astell, Vota, Non Bella [July?]

IX. Views from Scotland

The Covenant [early March?]

A Pair of Prodigals Returned (30 June)

Caledons Gratulatory Rapture [after 29 May]

Grampius Congratulation [summer?]

Laetitae Caledonicae [late summer?]

Scotland's Paraenesis to her dread King [late summer?]

X. Punishing the Regicides, July to October 1660

T. R., The Royall Subjects Warning-piece [before trials]

The Traytors Downfall [after trials]

Variant: King Charles his Glory and Rebells Shame: A Relation of Ten Grand Infamous Traytors [late October]

XI. Later in the year, August to November 1660

John Crouch, A Mixt Poem [after July]

"Philobasileus," Three Royal Poems (4 August)

Rachel Jevon, Exultationis Carmen (17 August)

England's Joy in a Lawful Triumph [after September]

Samuel Pordage, "A Panegyrick" [after 13 September]

Sir George McKenzie, "A POEM," from Aretina [after September]

Henry Beeston, A Poem To His Most Excellent Majesty, and Henry Bold, "To His Sacred Majesty Charles the Second" (September)

Thomas Forde, "Upon His Sacred Majesty" (October)

John Denham, The Prologue to his Majesty (November)

Thomas Pecke, To the Most High and Mighty Monarch [late November?]

XII. Approaching the Coronation, December 1660-April 1661

"In the eight Kings reign" in The Strange and Wonderfull Prophesie (14 December)

Giles Duncombe, A Counter-blast to the Phanaticks [after 24 December]

C. H., Hells Master-piece discovered (late December)

John Boys, "Epigram," from Aeneas, His Descent into Hell (30 December)

Henry Oxenden, Charls Triumphant [after December]

Walter Charleton, from An Imperfect Pourtraicture (March)

Izaak Walton, "To My Ingenious Friend Mr. Brome," and Alexander Brome, "Song. On the Kings Return" (1661)

Cedrus Britanica et laurus regia [undated: pre-coronation]

XIII. The Tide Turning: voices of complaint

The Cavaliers Complaint (15 March)

The Cavaliers Comfort [after June 1661]