MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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London and England Triumphant
8 May

   Describes events of 8 May, but in such general terms as to suggest it may have been written and published in advance of the occasion.


1: ENgland cast off thy mourning,
redemption now draws neer
The Sun begins to shine again
and every thing looks clear,
5: Thou now hast hit the mark at which
thou hast so often aim'd,
For Royal Charls the Second
is happily proclaim'd.

This is the greatest generall Joy
10:       I think, that ever was,
And as miraculous a day
as ere was brought to pass,
In less than six months time it was
dangerous to have him nam'd,
15: Yet now King Charls the Second, &c.

A valiant and more virtuous Prince
England could never boast
Circled about with providence
sent from the Lord of Host
20: Witness the scape at Worster,
so worthy to be nam'd
But good King Charls the Second, &c.

Our wise Astrologers fore-told
the King should nere come home
25: Lilly and Booker were too bold
to write a Prince his doom
'Twas not for want of ingnorance,
but now their Art is maim'd,
For good King Charls the Second, &c.

30: shop-keepers might have shut up shops
cause Trading did decay
But since they are in better hopes
they shut up shops for joy
For now they shall have all things
35:       for which their wishes aim'd
Since Royal Charls the Second, &c.

Our Schismaticks look sourely
to see our cause of Joy
If it did in their power lye
they would the Cause destroy
Their pride, their grand hypocrisies
and treacheries are tam'd,
Since Royal Charls the Second
is Englands King proclaim'd.

The second part to the same Tune

45: BUt our Loyal Nobility
and Gentry too, may say,
This is a great deliverance,
just at the latter day,
When as the King in sorrow sate
50:       and Kingdome was inflam'd,
God rais'd him to a Throne of State
For now the King's proclaim'd.

The Royal Clergy have been starv'd
beheaded and undone,
55: Whilst Weavers, and whilst Coblers did
into their Pulpits run,
Where Blasphemy was daily taught,
and things not to be nam'd
Till good King Charls the Second
60:       was royall proclaim'd.

The Law and sacred Gospel too
were both Malignants grown
They use our Lands, as if wee had
no title to our own,
65: Rebellion was a Babe of Grace
and Loyalty was blam'd
Till good King Charls the Second
was lawfully proclaim'd.

The Church of England was abus'd
70:       grosly by such as those
Our Apron Priests made mouths at us
our Saints sung through the Nose,
Beloved take up arms, they cry'd
and do as wee have fram'd,
75: But now even in their height of pride,
King Charls is new proclaim'd.

If Oliver and Bradshaw had
but liv'd to see this day
Without all doubt they would run mad
and hang themselves for joy
It was a dreadful danting
but for to hear him nam'd.
Oh! how they'd fall a canting
to hear him King proclaim'd.

85: The Sun shone very brightly, yet
the rain and hail did fly
Which shews when lawful Sons do reign
all hail the Heavens cry,
The joyes of all the City
90:       were highly to be fam'd
When Royal Charls the Second
was lawfully proclaim'd.

With drum and trumpet, horse and foot
and every Trained band
95: As if they meant for to go to't
gainst all that dare withstand
God save the King, all people cry'd
as soon as hee was nam'd
And thus King Charls the Second
100:      was royally proclaim'd.

God save the King, cry I too
And Parliament also
That Prince and people may unite
and prosperously grow,
105: God bless my good Lord General Monk
may hee be ever fam'd.
Who was the cause that good King Charls
the Second is proclaim'd.

London, Printed for F. Grove on Snow hill. Entered according to Order. FINIS.