MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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Nathaniel Richards
Upon the Declaration.
18 May

[cut: royal arms]
Of ENGLAND the Second.

BLess Mighty God great Britains second KING
Charles: shield him Divinity (from the Sting
Of black mouth'd Murth'ring Malice, make him Live
The worlds true Mirrour, that do's now forgive
5:           Freely foul Facts; foul Faults, which makes all those
Enemies Friends, that were his greatest Foes.
KING Charles the First, that Glorious Martyr, He
Of never-dying Blessed Memory,
Expedit     His chiefest Charge unto his ROYALL SON
10: adversarios   Was to forgive his Enemies; 'tis done,
nostros con-   For all Earth's Potentates t'dmire, and see
donare,     KING Charles the Seconds Christian Charity;
memori-     Witnesse Gods Hand; Heav'n fights for him, by good
amque     And best of Subjects; shedding no mans Blood.
15: eorum ex      O beyond thought! blest comfort to us all
adversariis   Sent by the means of Vertues General;
nostris de-   No Fiends in flesh could sooth him to refrain
lere.      Obedience, true love to his Soveraign.
Rex sere-     A King, whose thoughts, think it his safest living
20: nissimus      To immitate our Saviour in forgiving;
Carolus      Praying for Foes, wherein He dos comprize
Secundus      The Funeral of All his Injuries:
noster, non   This from sad Exile, sent him Home to Heale
in imperio     The Bloody Wounds of Englands Commonweale:
25: tanquam in    Like Man and Wife, where both in Love agree,
virtute se-   Kings live in peace, prudent Parl'aments Free.

Nathaniel Richards.
            London, Printed for J. G. 1660.