MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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Appendix I: Some Ghosts

g1. Boyle, Roger [Lord Broghill, Lord Orrery].

    Reference: "He wrote a Poem upon the King's Restoration, which was well received, but which I never met with." Eustace Budgell, Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Illustrious Family of the Boyles (London, 1737), p. 91.

g2. Oldys [Oldis], Valentine (1620-1685). "A Poem on the Restoration of King Charles."

   References: Corser 4:1, 34, 36, mentions this poem under the entry for "Bold," a claim repeated in the entry for Oldys in DNB; L Birch ms. 4240 contains memoirs of the Oldys family.

g3. A Psalm of Mercy. To the tune of "Now thanks to the powers below".

   References: Hazlitt, Handbook, p. 94, dating it 26 January 1660; reprinted in Rump Songs (1662), but the original has not been found: perhaps a confusion with P4 above?

g4. Rapsodion Eutakia, or, Select Poems. Wing P66 ?

   References: once reported in Wing for P66, listing copies at L, CH, MH; but none have been found?

g6. Stubbe, Henry.

    References: Thomas Flatman, in Montelion's Almanac for 1661, says that Stubbe wrote a "Panegyrick to the King when the tide turned." This item is not part of Stubbe's Animadversions on the Commonwealth of Oceana proposed by James Harrington (1660) [NUC listing NS1020311] at PL; reported private letter, 1986.