MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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"When Charles King of England"
[undated: after 25 May]

   Title: [missing] The second part, to the same Tune. / [cut] / [text] / London, printed for F. Grove dwelling on Snow-hill. Entred according to order.

   Wing: Not listed.

   Copies: Blackletter broadside. O Firth b. 20 (25). Rpt. in Ebsworth, 9: 788.

   This item is the second half of a ballad, printed on one side only, that has been bound in with Englands Captivity. This title is the catch-phrase of the chorus; Ebsworth suggests "Charles, King of Engalnd, Safe on Shore," and reports that the cut -- angelic host top left -- some mounted; figure with sword and book in cloud top right; castle bottom left, host of sodiers bottom right gesturing towards the angelic troops top left appeared on Nathaniel Butter's Good Newes to Christemdome of 1620 (9:788).

The second part, to the same Tune.

GOod Subjects and they
That lov'd him did pray
but Rebels did wish the ship
Were cast away
5:           for fear Divine Justice
Should turn them all ore,
When Charles King of England is safe set on shore.

The joy that did ring
Just at his landing
10: did pierce the high heavens with
GOD save the KING.
the Rocks in an Eccho
As loudly did roare,
To see Charls the Second come safely, &c.

15: The Trumpets did sound
The Cliffes did rebound,
with hands lift to heaven,
And knees on the ground,
they all did give thanks and
20: True praises good store,
To see Charls the second come, &c.

The Cannons at Dover,
And every rover,
did thunder with joy that
25: The King was come over,
some Caps were cast up
That they never saw more,
For joy Charls the second was safe, &c.

Men, women, and boyes,
30: Did make such a noyse
they made Kent & Christendom
King with their joyes.
such high exclamations
Were nere there before,
35: For joy Charls the second was, &c.

The true men of Kent
And all that was in't,
deserve their good deeds should be
Publish'd in Print.
40:           a Loyall just County
And sufferers sore.
Till Charls King of England was, &c.

Put on the rich Robe
Thy Crown and the Globe
45:           for thou hast been well nigh as
Patient as Job,
such intricate hazzards were
Nere known before,
But thanks be to God thou art safe set, &c.

50: May every sinew
Of him strong continue,
true peace and prosperty
Raise his Revennue,
God blesse my Lord Monke too
55: We humbly implore,
By whom Charls the Second got safely on shore.

FINIS London, printed for F. Grove dwelling on Snow-hill. Entred according to order.