MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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William Pestell
A Congratulation To His Sacred Majesty

[29 May]

   Despite the "1661" of the titlepage, the moment of these verses is very much that indicated in the title, 29 May.

    DNB: entry for Thomas Pestell (father): vicar of Packington, Leics and chaplain to Robert Devereux, third Earl of Essex and eventually royal chaplain; published sermons. In 1644 he resigned his living at Packington to his son Thomas; published elegies and sacred verses. Wife was daughter of Mrs Katherine Carr. 2nd son, William (d. 1696), graduated BA 1634 and MA 1638 from Queen's College, Camb, became rector of Cole-Orton in 1644, "whence he and his wife were driven by the parliamentary soldiers under Sir John Gell. He appears to have resumed his benefice at the Restoration, and in 1677 was instituted to Ravenstone in addition." This seems to be his only publication.

[ornamental header]
His Sacred Majesty,
His safe Arrival, and happy Restauration to
his Three Kingdoms.

AMongst the Giant Wits of these ripe times,
My Pigmy Muse creeps in, to bring her Rimes;
An humble Present, to that Sacred King
Regards the Heart more then the Offering.
5: At our bright Northern Blazing Star's approach,
The Sea his Horse was, and a Ship his Coach:
To bear so rich a burthen, Waves did dance,
And (swell'd with humble pride) strove to advance
Their heads to kisse his Hand; the Fish did play,
10: And leap for joy, making it Holy-day,
Dancing Levoltoes to the whistling Winde,
Which then conspir'd them Musick for to finde:
And (which is wonderfull indeed) they say,
A Regiment of Water Nymphs, that day,
15: Meer Maids, per se, came up in shoals, to sing
A Maiden Caroll to our Virgin King.
Thousands of Dolphins Crown'd (but none from France)
With Stramers Honi soit qui mal y pense,
Rode waiters by; the Whales brought up the Rear,
20: And was resolv'd to have a Frolick there.
Neptune resign'd his Trident, and did swear,
'Twas his by right who was three Kingdoms Heir.
No sooner landed, and Devotions past,
But Canons (to discharge their Duties) haste,
25: And give inteligence from Port to Port,
Speaking his Welcome in a loud Report:
The Bonefires gild each Hill, to whose bright shine,
The Moon grew pale, and did her beams resign.
Quakers grew Lunatick, to see such Fire,
30: And thought the World should now in flames expire.
The Bells did ring men by the Ears, and say,
It was Great Britain's general Holy-day.
See how his Loyal Peers, and Gentry, throng
To gild his way, as he doth march along,
35: CHARLES in his Glory, with his sparkling Train,
Outfac'd the Sun, who went to bed again.
Vollies of Acclamations, peals of Joy,
(Which sent to Heav'n on an Embassie)
Return'd this Answer to their Lowd Request,
40: Vive le Roy, be he for ever blest.
To which his Subjects cry'd Amen so loud,
'Twas like a Clap of Thunder from a Cloud.
Blest are his Kingdoms now, in this one Vote,
O may they n'ere divide, nor change their Note.
45: Women then lost their Tongues, Mens Arms were thrown
Quite out of joynt for Joy, yet no harm done.
Some lost their Heads, which were next morning found,
And some had Leggs could stand upon no ground.
The May-poles stood too't bravely, all the way,
50: Crown'd all with Garlands of Good Will, that day.
Phanaticks said the World was drunk, I think
It was indeed with Joy, but not with Drink.
The Earth was drye as dust, with which some say
Gallants were powdred to some tune that day.
55: The Zealots oft miscarry, there are some
Say, they were fowl ore'seen, to let him come.
Ride on, Great CHARLES, Triumphant, whose rare Arts,
By killing Foes with Kindness, gains their Hearts:
Sure there is Magick in thy Name, or Thee,
60: Pardon, (Great Sir) I'le no Familiar be,
From whence doth flow such powerfull Influence,
That all Rebellion is banish'd hence:
No Subject hath the Evil, none diseas'd,
But with Your touch is Cur'd, and pain appeas'd:
65: All Hail to Englands Monarch, may I see
Thy self reflexed, and Posterity
Provided for by You; a Royal Race,
To Rule these Kingdoms, with a God-like grace.
Which is a debt You owe: The World adieu,
70: But I despair of seeing one like You;
From whose bright presence Majesty doth rise,
And like a Sun enlighten all our Eyes.
Let every Coblers Wife a Diamond wear,
And Pearls be hang'd in every common Ear:
75: We have the Indies now, brought home, in Thee
All Treasures, and all Sweets, there hyved Bee:
The Worlds our Store-house now, and we have all
That can be wish'd; our Life's a Festivall.
Our dayes all Halcyon, the time is come,
80: To bid our Golden Fleece a Welcome home:
Thrice Welcome, Royal Sir, our Soveraign Cure;
What Heav'n is Ease! to those long pains endure?

William Pestell.