MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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Appendix II: Manuscript poems relating to the Restoration in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, based on Crum's Index.

A 1888. "Attend & list awhile / Brethren Hypocriticall.

    Copies: Firth b.20(141).

A 1309. [Ashmole, Elias], Sol in Ascendente.

    Copies: Ashmole 36,37 f.17; Ashmole 38, f.230. Corrected autograph copy of printed version; see Ashmole above.

A 1938. Ford, Thomas, "On the King's Return, May 29 166[0]."

    Copies: ms Eng. poet. e.4, 167.

A 1937. [Philips, Katherine?], "Upon his Majesties most happy restauration."

    Copies: Firth b.20, f.140.

B 600. "Copy of verses . . . in Charles the 2nd time."

    Copies: ms Top. oxon. b.116, f.111.

C 482. W., I., England's Honour and London's Glory.

    Copies: Firth c.20 f.102. A transcription of W41A above.

D 4656. "Dread Sir, the prince of Light / Our Monarch . . ."

    Copies: ms mus.c.26, f.115. Set to music by Dr. John Blow; see Music and Letters, 46 (1965): 0000.

G 551. Wase, Christopher, "To the King's Majesty."

    Copies: ms Eng. poet. e.4, 46.

H 38. [Philips, Katherine?], "Upon the Hollow Tree."

    Copies: Firth b.20, f.140.

H 99. [Chatwin, John], "On the Royall Oke."

    Copies: ms *Rawl. poet. 94, 173.

H 298. P[hilips], K[atherine], "Upon the Numerous accesse /of the English Gentry to his Matie., in Flanders."

    Copies: ms Tanner 306, f.367; printed in Poems (1664) p. 3.

H 350. Philips, Katherine, "On the Coronation."

    Copies: Locke e.17, 94; printed in Poems (1664), but not Poems (1667).

I 868. P., E., "Charles the 2nd. after he was crowned King of Scotland, was proclaimed Traytor . . . by the Rump."

    Copies: ms Rawl. poet. 26, f.163.

I 1059. "On the returne of King Charles 2nd."

    Copies: ms Rawl. poet. 84, f.10.

L 57. "The Starry Vision."

    Copies: ms Ashmole 47, 164.

H 607. Fairfax, Thomas Lord, "Upon the Horse which hisMajestie Rode upon att his Coronation 1660."

    Copies: ms *Fairfax 40, 612 [autograph]; ms *Fairfax 38, 274.

M 511. K., P., "Carolisimus. Or the Royal Patent On The Soveraigne Touch."

    Copies: ms Tanner 306, f.387.

N 203. "On Charles II, 1660."

    Copies: ms Add.B.8, f.70v.

R 239. M. P. Q. A., "Rise up brave worthy for thou art divine."

    Copies: ms Ashmole 36,37 f.165.

T 840. "Verses presented to Charles 2d at a New Year."

    Copies: ms Eng. poet. d.152, 16v.

T 1250. Waller, Edmund, "To his Majty K. Charles 2. on his happyReturn."

    Copies: ms Rawl. poet. 173, f.108v. A late ms copy made by John Dunton.

T 1291a. C., J., "Verses on a cut by William Faithorne, of Charles II, owned by Thomas Rawlinson."

    Copies: ms Hearne's Diaries 57, 80. Printed version in Lord, POAS, 1: frontispiece.

T2848. "A new ballad on the 29th of May To the Tune of "over the Hills and far away."

    Copies: ms Rawl. poet. 155, 115.

W 221. "To the King."

    Copies: ms *Don.f.5, f.35.

W 1532. Polwhele, John, "March 1659 [1660] Upon the Reporte of King Charles the 2d being att Calice . . ."

    Copies: ms *Eng. poet. f.16, f.64v.

W 2111. "Mr. [John] Ayton's New Yeares guift to the King, with severall Peices of Coyne, 1661."

    Copies: mss Ashmole 36,37, f.120; adapted from Sir Robert Ayton's poem to Queen Anne, 1604.

Y 308. "Win at first and lose at last."

    Copies: ms Top. oxon.c.108, 83. A version of Laurence Price's ballad, see P3389A-3390A above.