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Ovid: Metamorphoses Illustratae
Illustrations of Ovid's Metamorphoses by Virgil Solis
with a verse commentary in Latin by Johann Spreng, 1563

For the whole book and more, visit Ovid Illustrated: the Renaissance Reception of Ovid in Image and Text.
Here are links for the major Ovidian allusions in Cowley's Plantarum:
Title-page / Distribution of the Elements / The Golden Age
War of the Giants / Flood's End / Python's End
Daphne into Laurel / Io into a Cow / Syrinx into a Reed, the First Flute
Phaethon's Fall / Heliades into Trees / Jove into a Bull
Semele, Jove, Dionysus / Narcissus into a Flower / Bacchus' Rites or Triumph
Venus' Adultery with Mars / Pyramus and Thisbe / Salmacis and Hermaphroditus
Hades' Rape of Persephone / Arethusa into a Fountain / Marsyas Flayed by Apollo
Procne Slays Her Own Child / Jason Puts the Dragon to Sleep / Medea Kills Her Children
Aeson Rejuvenated / Hercules and Cerberus / The Plague in Aegina
Theseus Conquers the Minotaur / Meleager's Calydonian Boar-Hunt / Erysichthon Fells the Oak
Nessus Shot with an Arrow / Hercules and Achelous / Lotus; Dryope into a Tree
The Girl Iphis into a Boy / Orpheus Playing the Lyre / The Boy Cyparissus into a Tree
Hyacinthus into a Flower / Myrrha Tries to Hang Herself / Myrrha Goes to Bed with her Father
Myrrha into a Tree / Adonis into an Anemone / Orpheus beyond the Bacchantes
Midas' Ears into Ass's / The Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs / Ajax's Quarrel with Ulysses
Ajax Kills Himself / Aeneas' Piety toward his Father / Ulysses' Crew into Swine
Fisherman Glaucus into a Sea-God / Vertumnus into an Old Woman
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