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Concordia / Ceres with Poppies

Vespasian, AR denarius, Asia Minor, RIC 336 (74 AD).
Obv.: Vespasian laureate head r., IMP CAESAR VESPAS AVG COS V TR P P P
Rev.: Concordia as Ceres enthroned l., holding ears of wheat, poppy, cornucopiae, CONCORDIA AVG

Hadrian, debased-silver tetradrachm, Alexandria (138 AD).
Obv.: Hadrian laureate head r., in Gk. characters AUT KAIS TRAIANOS ADRIANOS SEB
Rev.: L K A (Year 21), Demeter or Ceres stg. l. holding poppies with ears of wheat, torch

Cowley's "Poppy," trans. Nahum Tate (1689) // Samuel Johnson on sleep (Adventurer,
no. 39 [1753], centered on part of Cowley's poem [Plantarum 4.768-79])

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