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Nova et exacta delineatio (detail: Ins[ula] Amazonum, "the Isle of the Amazons"). From Levinus Hulsius, Voyages, Pt. 5 (Nuremburg, 1598), courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University. Cf. Theodor de Bry, America, 13 vols. (Frankfurt, 1590-1634), Pt. 8, portrait detail (from a map of Guiana), reproduced with permission from the Special Collections of University of Virginia. A favorite European fantasy involved claiming that ancient Amazons on the run from Rome's might had moved from Asia Minor to America; as the conquerors' attention shifted West, so did the Amazons' putative stronghold, from the Isla de las Mujeres* (Martinique) to the Amazon jungle (as here) to the Golden State = California, actually named for an Amazon queen from a Spanish romance. A clear casualty of this New World Amazon-resettlement was the commonplace etymological fiction that only women who shed their own breasts to fight more like a man can be usefully regarded as Amazons.
*The name recurs as the Islas de las Mujeres, tiny isles off the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

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