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Wilderness Last Stand. From Theodor de Bry, America, 13 vols. (Frankfurt, 1590-1634), Pt. 5, illustrating Benzoni, Book 2 (Smyth ed., 155): the Chichimec Indians of Jalisco resisting the Spaniard Alvarado. The scene recalls ancient Roman sieges of primitive British hill-forts; cf. Inigo Jones [?], Stone-heng restored, J[ohn] W[ebb] (London, 1655), 12, citing Strabo 4.5.2 ("woods are their cities") and Julius Caesar, De bello gallico 5.21: "The Britans call a thick wood [Lat. sylvas impeditas], enclosed about with a ditch and rampire, made for a place of retreat to avoid the invasion and assault of their bordering enemies, a Town." Reproduced with permission from the Special Collections of the University of Virginia.
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