Cowley, Abraham . The Third Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley Being his Six Books of Plants
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A Lusty Frog, a Duck swears is such Meat
(Fat'ned by me) as Jove himself may eat.
And if the learn'd Apicius knew that Dish, 63
He'd hungry grow, though dead, and life wou'd wish.
By this our value's in some measure shewn;
But I'm not born to fatten Ducks alone,
Nor o'r green Ponds did Nature Carpets strow,
That She to slimy Frogs good-will might show.
From me great benefits all the World must own,
Though long time hid, they're, many, yet unknown.
In a small Ring the Wits of learned Men
Run, and the same, confin'd trace o'r agen.       [Latin: 940]
The Plants which Nature through the Universe
In various shapes and colours does disperse,
Why shou'd I mention; this their ignorance shews,
That ev'n of Me Mankind so little knows.
Something they do; and more I wou'd reveal,
Which Phoebus and the Fates bid me conceal.
But this I'll tell you; dry, blew Cankers I,
And cholerick Fire of hot St. Anthony,       1020
I soon extinguish; and all other flames,
Whatever are their Natures or their Names.
My native cold, and watery temper show,
Who my chill Parent is and where I grow.
Thus when the water in the joints inclos'd
Bubbles, by pain and natural heat oppos'd, 64
The boyling Caldron my stong virtue rules,
And sprinked with my dew the fury cools.


[63] And antient Roman Author that wrote about good eating.


[64] The Gout.