Cowley, Abraham . The Third Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley Being his Six Books of Plants
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SEE how the yellow Gall the delug'd Eyes, 77
And Saffron Jaundice the whole Visage dies;
That colour, which on Gold we think so fair;
That hue which most adorns the tressed hair,       [Latin: 1180]
When, like a Tyrant, it unjustly gains
Anothers Throne, and there usurping reigns,
It frightful grows, and far more beauty lacks
Than, with their Saddle-noses, dusky Blacks.
So (I suppose) to the Gods Eyes, the Soul
O' th'Miser looks; as yellow and as foul.       1300
For if with Gold alone the Soul's inflam'd,
It has th'Aurigo, from that Metal nam'd.
This the almighty Gods can onely cure;
And Reason, more than Herbs, our minds secure.
But th'outward Jaundice does Our help implore;
When with Gall floods the body's dy'd all o're.
I cannot tell what others do; but I
Give to that Jaundice present remedy;
Nor do I rashly undertake the cure,
I an Assistant have, that makes me sure.
Natures own Patent gives me my command.
See, here's her own sign manual, here's her hand. 78
Through leaves, and stalk and roots themselves it goes,
The yellow blood through my whole body flows.
Whoever me dissects, wou'd think, nay swear,
O'rflown with Gall I sick o' th'Jaundice were.
Mean time my skin all o'r is fresh and green,
And colour good, as in an Herb you've seen.       [Latin: 1200]


[77] A Decoction hereof with White-wine and Annise-seeds, is said to be excellent against the Jaundies. Mathiolus [image] says it will cure the same, being applied to the soles of the feet.


[78] The Signature.