Cowley, Abraham . The Third Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley Being his Six Books of Plants
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THOU gentle Zephyr, who didst Flora wed       620
Thrice worthy of the Goddess bed;
Who in a winged Chariot hurl'd
With breezing Airs dost fan this nether world,
Which kind refreshing motion, far
I before lazy rest prefer;
That Air with which thou every thing dost cheer,
Inspire into the Goddess Ear;
That the fair Judg would mindful be
Of her lov'd Consort and of me;       [Latin: 640]
For since I take my Name from thee,
Nay of thy Kindred said to be;
Since I with thee do sympathize
Who in Æolian Dungeon Captive lies,
And viewing Zephyr's doleful state,
All Dress and Ornament I hate,
And locking up my mournful Flower,
My self a Pris'ner make, the same restraint endure.
Since I have change of Suits and gaudy Vests,
Which in my various Flowers are exprest;
In brief, since I'm akin to Gods above;       640
All these together sure may favour move;
Sprung from the fair Adonis purple tide
And Venus tears, to both I am ally'd; [image] [image] [image]
The Rosy Youth, the lov'd Adonis stood
The pride and glory of the Wood,
Till a Boars fatal tusk let out the precious bloud. |       [Latin: 660]
Into each flowing drop that still'd
A falling tear the Goddess spill'd,
Which to a bloudy torrent swell'd.
The Lovers tears and bloud combine
As if they wou'd in Marriage join;
From such fair Parents, and that wedding morn
Was I, their fairer off-spring, born.
My force and power perhaps you question now,
My Power? Why, I a handsom face can show;
Besides, my heavenly Extract I can prove,
And that I'm Sister to the God of Love.

The Crown Imperial (as she step'd aside)
Advanc'd with stately, but becoming pride,
Not buskin'd Heroes strut with nobler pride,       660
Nor Gods in walking use a finer stride:
No Friends or Clients made her Train, not one;
Conscious of native worth, she came alone.
With an erect and sober Countenance 130
In following terms she did her Plea commence.       [Latin: 680]


[130] The most noble Flow'r, to the sight, that grows. Lauremberg.