Cowley, Abraham . The Third Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley Being his Six Books of Plants
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HEnce, Cares! my constant, troublesome Company,       280
Be gone! Melissa's come and smiles on me. 25
Smiling she comes, and courteously my Head
With Chaplets binds from every fragrant Bed:
Bidding me sing of her, and for my strains,
Her self will be the Guerdon of my pains.
My Heart, methinks, is much more lightsome grown,
And I thy influence, kind Plant! must own:
Justly thy Leaves may represent the Heart,
For that, among its Wealth, counts thee a part.
As of Kings Heads Guinies th'impression bear,
That Princely part you in Effigie wear.       [Latin: 280]
All Storms and Clouds you banish from the mind,
But leave Serenity and Peace behind.
Bacchus himself no more revives our Blood,
When he infuses his hot, purple flood:
When in full Bowls he all our sorrow drowns,
And flattering hopes with short-liv'd riches crowns.
But those Enjoyments some disturbance bring,
And such delights flow from a muddy Spring.
For Bacchus does not kill, but wound the Foe, |       300
Whose rage and strength increases by the Blow. |
But without force or dregs thy pleasures flow, |
Thy Joys no after-claps of Torments know. |
Thy Hony, gentle Bawm! no pointed Stings,
Like Bees, thy great admirers, with it brings. 26
Oh! Heavenly Gift to sickly human kind,
All Goddess, if from care thou freest the mind.
All Plagues annoy, but Cares the whole Man seise:
Whene'er we labor under this Disease.
These, though in prosp'rous affluence we live,
To all our Joys a bitter Tincture give.       [Latin: 300]
Frail humane Nature its own Poyson breeds,
And Life it self thy healing Virtue needs.


[25] Baum is hot and dry in the first degree; it is excellent against Melancholy, and the Evils arising therefrom. It causes chearfulness, a good digestion and florid colour; The leaves are said, by those who mind Signatures, to resemble a heart.


[26] It is very much loved by the Bees, and is a present Remedy against the Stings of them and Wasps, etc. Plin.