Cowley, Abraham . The Third Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley Being his Six Books of Plants
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TO find a Name for me the Gods took care,
A Mystick Name, that might my Worth declare,
They call'd me Moly: dull Grammarians sense
Is puzzled with the term -- -
But Homer held Divine Intelligence.
In Greek and Latin both my Name is Great, 172       480
The term is just, but Moly sounds more neat:       [Latin: 520]
My Pow'rs prevented Circes dire Design,
Ulysses but for me had been a Swine; [image]
In vain had Mercury inspir'd his Brain
With Craft, and tipt his wheedling tongue in vain,
Had I not enter'd timely to his Aid,
Thus Moly spoke, and would much more have said
But by mischance (as if some angry Pow'r
Had ow'd her long a shame) a Belch most sowr
Broke from her throat, perfuming all the Court,
And made her Rivals unexpected Sport.
Her pompous Name no longer can take place,
Her Odour proves her of the Garlick Race;
Forthwith with one consent the gibing throng
Set up their Notes, and sung the well-known Song 173

He that to cut his Father's throat
Did heretofore presume,       [Latin: 540]
T'have Garlick cram'd into his Gut
Receiv'd the dreadful Doom.

Flora to silence the tumultuous jest,       500
(Though secretly she smil'd amongst the rest)
That she her self would speak a sign exprest,
Then with sweet Grace into these Accents broke,
Th'unhallow'd place perfuming while she spoke.


[172] , magnum.


[173] Horat. Epod. lib. Od. 3.