Cowley, Abraham . The Third Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley Being his Six Books of Plants
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[image] [image]
IF by the Rules of Nature we proceed,
And likeness to the Sire must prove the breed,
Believe me Sirs, when Phoebus looks on you,
He scarce can think his Spouse the Earth was true.
No sooner can his Eye on me be thrown,
But he by Styx will swear I am his own. 179
My Orb-like golden Aspect bound with Rays,
The very Picture of his Face displays.
Among the Stars long since I should have place,
Had not my Mother been of mortal Race: [image]
Presume not then, ye Earth-born Mushroom brood [image]       [Latin: 840]
To call me Brother -- I derive my Blood
From Phoebus self, which by my Form I prove,
And (more than by my Form) my filial Love.
I still adore my Sire with prostrate Face,       800
Turn where he turns, and all his motions trace. [image]
Who seeing this (all things he sees) decreed
To you his doubtful, if not spurious breed,
These poorer Climes, to be in dow'r enjoy'd,
Of that Divine Phoebean metal void;
On me that richer soil he did bestow 180
Where Gold, the product of his Beams, does grow. [image]
Among his Treasures well might he assign
A Place for me, his like and living coin.

He said, and bowing twice his Head with Grace
To Flora, thrice to 's Sire, resum'd his Place.
To him succeeds a Flow'r of greater Name,181
Who from high Jove himself deriv'd his Claim.


[179] The usual Oath of the Gods.


[180] America, where grow the largest Sun Flowers.


[181] Flos Jovis.