MacLean, Gerald, editor. The Return of the King : An Anthology of English Poems Commemorating the Restoration of Charles II / edited by Gerald MacLean
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"Upon the Kings Prerogative and Person"
The Case Stated
Touching the Soveraign's Prerogative1

24 March

   Thomason dated his copy of this polemical tract on 24 March. But who wrote it and who was hiding behind the colophon "Printed for Charles King," I have been unable to discover. The following verses appear on p. 8.

   Although blaming "haughty Rebels" rather than particular regicides or Rumpers, the verses also attribute responsibilty for events following the execution of Charles I to the nation at large.

[1] Titlepage: The Case stated   Touching the   SOVERAIGN'S   PREROGATIVE   AND THE   Peoples Liberty,   According to Scripture, Reason, and the   Consent of our Ancestors.   Humbly offered to the Right Honorable   GENERAL MONCK,   And the   OFFICERS in the ARMY.   [rule]   Regi qui perfidus, nulli fidus.   [rule]   London, Printed for Charles King. 1660.   [text] Wing: C1205. Verses p. 8. Copies: LT E.1017(40), ms dated "24 March" COPYTEXT; OFX Fairfax collection (dispersed); MH; NU; Y; WF 189631.

Upon the Kings PREROGATIVE

PRerogative and Person, both were free
From Subjects Malice and Malignity;
Till haughty Rebels, illegitimate
From true Obedience, chang'd our setled State
5: From Sacred Kingship, leaving no Spark
Of Light in Government: All clouded, dark,
Like the first Chaos; full of dire Confusion,
No Spirit mov'd, but that of strong Delusion:
Whose Hellish Breath drave us to Wars, and Murther,
10: Ev'n of our Sacred Master; Nay, went further,
We Banish'd into Exile, HIM, whom now
Upon our second thoughts, we fain would bow
Unto, and Worship, if he would permit
Himself (as Idol) on His Throne to sit.
15: Which thing he hates: For the Decree of God
Ordains, that Rebels ought to kiss the Rod.
Therefore embrace your Sov'raign, and Proclaim
Him Lawful King; and so blot out your Shame.