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Thomas Saunderson
A Royall Loyall Poem
4 June

   Titlepage: A / ROYALL / LOYALL / POEM. / [rule] / LONDON, / Printed for W. Place, and are to be sold at his / Shop at Grayes-Inne Gate in Holborne, 1660.

    The Crawford copy is dated in ms "June 5th, 1660.", the same day as Arthur Brett's poem, day after Brome's Congrat. WF copy dated 4th.
Ms corrections to the Tanner copy have been included in notes.

    Venn lists: Thos Sanderson, baptised 1611 at Brancepeth, Durham; Sidney Sussex 1628 -- of Hedley-hope, Durham Esq; buried April 1695: See Surtees, History of Durham 4 vols: II.243.

    Foster, Alum Oxon lists: Thos Sanderson of Lincoln College, matric 1639; Fellow of Corpus 1644; expelled 1648, reinstated 1649: see Burrows, Register of Visitors of Ox Uni 1647-58 (p. 496).

[ornamental header]
A Royall Loyall

1: ALL hayle Great KING, whom Gods Almighty hand,
Hath in great Streights preserv'd by Sea and Land;
And hath kept firm thy Loyall Subjects hearts,
Rejoycing in oppressions dyrest smarts:
5: And that thy Foes the vast Worlds wonder cease 1
Their tumultuous waves, and sue for Peace: 2
What can eclips our joyes so bright, so high,
Settled on th'Basis 3 of Divinity:
For here's no new Usurper to make good
10: This 4 treasonable Claym through streams of blood:
Sparing no English Subjects to maintain
The profuse Ryot in his 5 Rebellious raign;
No heyre not able to support the weight
Of Government either of Church or State:
15: Nay, here is no pretender to the known
Right Great Charles hath to his 6 three Kingdoms Crown:
No worthy Gentleman doth envy that
Our high born Prince should have command of what
His birth-right gives him, here's none thinks that he
20: Could rule so wisely as his Majesty;
Here's no contention, onely to outvy
Each in brave acts of liberality,
Amazing all to see, our widdowed Land
Espous'd to joy so soon, by a Monks Hand.
25: Presents on Presents pass by faithfull hearts;
Not equall to My mind nor his deserts:
And these from loyall, Royall, Soules whom guilt
Had never stain'd, of blood unjustly spilt.
Had Fleetwod, Baxter, Haslrig, and Vane,
30: Tichbourn and Ireton, with that cursed trayne
Disgorg'd theyr full cram'd chests unjustly got,
And then like Judas hang'd 7 themselves, 't had not
Been half so wel. No: let them dying live,
And perish by degrees: let Justice give
35: Them but their due: How will their concience gripe
Their perplexed 8 Soules? And when grown ripe,9
For vengeance, let 10 tortures lead them to the Tree,
Where this accursed fruit may hanged be;
Too tedious here to read their Elegy.
40: Oh when to Oliver they tidings bring
Of their fall'n State, and Glories of our King,
How will his hot Nose swell, and Bradshaw call,
And curse each other for each others fall?
There let them curse and howle with hideous yells,
45: Whilst we with Bone-fires shouts, and ringing Bells,
Heighten the hatred that their Quaking friends
Conceal, if possible, for Politick 11 ends:
And that will damn them too, whilst safely we
May pray for Charles our King and Progeny,
50: And drink a hearty cup to the 12 Generall,
Who bravely, justly, wisely fool'd them all.
And with one word Phanatick struck them dumb,
Some simply ask'd if it were Scotch, and some
Whispered 13 is't not Spanish, some Greek, but most
55: Sayd he was 14 mistaken and would have it crost
Out, and put in Fantastick, Schismatick,
Or Anabaptist, Brownist, Heretick,
Shaking Sir Harry Vanes fift Monarchy,
Or weeping Fleetwoods quaking Anarchy,
60: H. Martins Adamites, 15 Independents,
Sawcy Lay-Elders, Super-Intendents,
Any thing or all but that one strange word,
Coyn'd with an angry Stamp should all afford,
That Oliver or Lambert in their breast
65: Contain'd, troubles them more then all the rest,
Making their Chim'ra reformation,
Ridiculous and out of fashion;
And names of Common-wealth and Nation turn'd
To the right style, Kingdom, which long hath mournd,
70: Commanding reverence to Gods holy Word,
Read in the Church, by them so much abhord:
When Preach'd by none but Orthodox Divines,
Whose life together with the Words light shines:
Now Subjects large Estates so long detaind
75: From the right Owners, shall by Right be gaind:
And Universities and Innes of Court,
Englands great honour in the Worlds report,
Pestred so long with Sons of the Committee,
Excize-men, Captains, or at best some City
80: Heyres: shall with Knights and Squires Sons be planted,
And the Grave Benchers who 16 long have wanted,
An Audience fit for Readings, now rejoyce,
To employ their wits & wealth for th'Publick voice,
When Magna Charta, the known Lawes of th'Land,
85: Is spoke and writ in the old Tongue and Hand,
That it would prove a good Monopoly,
To teach Masters and Clarks their A. B. C. 17
When our new coyne (all that was mine is gone)
Shall bear the 18 Kings Face and Superscription;
90: When noble Spain shall bring her Indies wealth
Unto our King, wishing him peace and health;
All Princes fearing our Kings potent Strength,
Shall court him to an Union: At length
I fear the 19 Gentile and unbeleiving Jew,
95: To be receiv'd into our Church will sue:
And when the World will end so soon, that we
Terrene joyes longer shall not live to see:
This is not Fancy: for what can seem strange,
After this great and unexpected change.
100: Reader your pardon, for since the King is given
A Subject for my Pen, I could reach Heaven
With numerous lines. So may your Prayers with mine
For a continuance of his Life and Line.

By Tho. Saunderson Gent.


[1] Foes vast Worlds wonder cease] ä; Foes (vast Worlds wonder) cease O ms.

[2] line 6] "Their" deleted; sue to thee for Peace O ms

[3] on th'] ä; o th' O ms

[4] This] ä; his O ms

[5] in his] in's O ms

[6] Right Great Charles hath to his three] Right Charles the Great hath to three O ms

[7] hang'd] hangd O, L cancel note

[8] perplexed] ä; perplex'd O ms

[9] when grown] when they are growne O ms

[10] let] ä; inked out O s

[11] Politick] ä; Craftie O ms

[12] the] ed; th ä

[13] Whispered] Whisper O ms

[14] he was] t'was O ms

[15] Adamites, Independents] Adamites or Independents O ms

[16] who long] who too long O ms

[17] A. B. C.] all versions printed in hand-written secretary form; i.e. the "old Hand" of line 85.

[18] the] th' O ms

[19] the] deleted O ms