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Cromwell and Adversaries

Thomas Wentworth,
Earl of Strafford

The Trial of Strafford

Henrietta Maria, Charles I's Queen

Prince Rupert, Charles I's Nephew

Charles I

Cromwell at Fifty-One

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Charles II in 1651: A Luciferan Dawnstar's Return; Cromwell felling
"The Royall Oake of Brittayne"
(reproduced from John Cooper's Oliver the First
[London: Natl. Portrait Gallery, 1999]);
"The Embleme of ENGLANDS Distractions,"
engr. William Faithorne, 1658*
*See discussion by Bruce Lawson, "The Body as a Political Construct: Oliver Cromwell's Image in William Faithorne's 1658 Emblematic Engraving," in Deviceful Settings: The English Renaissance Emblem and its Contexts, ed. M. Bath and D. Russell (New York, 1999), 113-38; both these images are also presented on a valuable British Library website.

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