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The boar in the garden / A parley of flowers.

Frontispiece, Thomas Fuller [?], Antheologia. The Speech of Flowers (London: John Stafford, 1655, Wing F2409 [complete text], generally bound with Ornithologia. The Speech of Birds [Wing S107B-E], separately paginated; several Stafford reissues of both texts reported; note the title-variant on the engraved frontispiece, Anthologia, Or The Speach of Flowers. Partly Morall, Partly Misticall). Frontispiece reproduced courtesy of the Chapin Library at Williams College, Special Collections. Fuller's biographer John E. Bailey (Life of Fuller [London, 1874], 761-62) enters Antheologia as a spurious work, but it is attributed to Fuller in early reissues and by Fuller's anonymous biographer (John Fell [?], The Life and Death of that Reverend Divine Thomas Fuller [Oxford, 1661/1662], "Books of Dr. Fuller," after 106: "Speeches of the Beast and Flowers, 8"). Bailey further mentions a rare issue printed by Thomas Rookes with the extended title Speech of Flowers. Partly Morall Partly Mysticall, Being a Historical Relation of these Times (London, 1660). For the rampaging boar in the garden, cf. Ps. 79(80):13(14).

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