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Herculean virtue

Commodus, AE as, RIC 644 (177-92 AD.)
Obv.: Commodus in lionskin
Rev.: Club in wreath, HERCVL ROMAN AVGV SC ("To the Roman Hercules Augustus by Decree of the Senate")

Gordian III, AR antoninianus, RIC 95 (238-44 AD).
Obv.: Gordian III
Rev.: Hercules leaning on a club, VIRTVTI AVGVSTI

Constantius I, father of Constantine the Great, billon follis, RIC 165a (305-06 AD).
Obv.: Constantius diademed head r., IMP CONSTANTIVS P F AVG
Rev.: Hercules standing left with lionskin, bow, and club along with the apples of the

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