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Virtue of the Romans / Roma as Amazon

Septimius Severus, AR denarius, RIC 171 (200-01 AD)
Obv.: Severus laureate head r., SEVERVS AVG PART MAX
Rev.: Roma or Virtus as woman warrior, one breast bared, standing l. holding Victory and spear, shield behind, VIRT AVGG
Valens, AR siliqua, RIC 27e (364-78 AD).
Obv.: Valens diademed r., D N VALENS PF AVG
Rev.: Roma enthroned holding scepter and Victory, VRBS ROMA
Gratian, Valens' nephew, AR siliqua, RIC 28a (367-83 AD).
Obv.: Gratian diademed head r., GRATIANVS P P AVG
Rev.: Roma enthroned facing holding scepter and orb, VIRTVS ROMANORVM
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