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I have overcome fate by enduring (Virgil, Aen. 11.156). This impresa is reproduced from Giulio Cesare Cappaccio, Della Imprese (Naples, 1592), by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library. The great dutch commander Prince Maurice of Nassau took a similar device with the motto Tandem fit surculus arbor ("The shoot grows in due time to a tree") to commemorate his murdered father, Prince William the Silent of Orange, in 1584; Cowley, born after his father's death, made Prince Maurice's motto his own. A similar sprouting-trunk frontispiece-image with biblical mottos (Job 14:7-9 and Ezek. 17:24) forms a visual introduction to both Anthony Sadler's The Loyall Mourner, Shewing the Murdering of King Charles the First. Fore-shewing the Restoring of King Charles the Second (London, 1660) and Nancy Klein Maguire's Regicide and restoration: English tragicomedy, 1660-1671 (Cambridge, 1992).
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