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About the archive, Texts, editions, and early illustrations, Image-references keyed to the Latin line-numbers, Outside links, and especially English Civil War chronology and commentary, Some Portraits of Abraham Cowley, Porch House, Chertsey, the author's last home, Latin-English Cowley parallel texts (Plantarum 4.1-48; "Hymnus in Lucem" -- "To light"; "Solitudo" -- "Solitude"; Ode "Quid relinquendos" -- "Why dost thou"; "The Living Author's Epitaph," in Latin, Englished by various hands), Six related short works not by Cowley, Ovid Illustrated (1563), Famous Orpheus: some points of departure, Francis Bacon's "Orpheus; or Philosophy", Mythica, Numismatica, Emblematica, Art, nature, and wonder, Virtual Standpoints: the Power of Outlandishness, The Plantarum and Virtual Gardening, Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris, Leonhart Fuchs' De Historia Stirpium (1542), Gardening in a circle / The gardener as Orpheus, Flora in the garden, Hope in Flower / Best of Princes, Public Trust Bearing Fruit, Earth the planter / Four seasons' fecundity, First things, Cosmic coordinates, Solar Currency, Plus Ultra / Golden Fleece, Ripa's Iconologia and Other Emblem Links, The Offerings of Bacchus, Bacchus out of Bounds / Savior Hercules, Some Labors of Hercules, Herculean Virtue, Mars Born of a Flower / Mother Juno, Liebestod and the Pissing Boy, Hunted Hunters: Adonis and Venus, Venus ready for battle, Judaea Capta, The Boar in the Garden / A Parley of Flowers, Dying to Help Out, Nemesis in Attendance, Ceres Searching with Pig, Pictish Headhunter, Pictish Woman Warrior, Ancient Britaines Depicted, Mithridates King of Pontus, Pageant of the Four Continents, One World Is Not Enough, Out-Bruting the Brutes, Europe on Top, Planting the Main (Nova Britannia), Theodore de Bry's America, The Isle of the Amazons, Young Man and American Wild Women, New World Cultivation and Sacrifice, Exotic American Plants, Hovia / Hobos: the tree that brings sleep, Rampant Prickly-Pear (Hortus Eystettensis), Wilderness Last Stand, Druid Sacrificial Grove, Savage Gods of the Aztecs, Orpheus Losing Eurydice to Hades, When the worm turns / The Theater of England's Miseries, Charles I on the scaffold, Orpheus his Descerpcion (on Charles I's beheading), Cromwell and adversaries, The Royal Oak, Portraits of Charles II, Lower plant emblematics, Restoration and Phoenix, Sprouting Trunk: "I have overcome fate by enduring"
2001 was the 350th anniversary of Charles II's defeat and escape from the Battle of Worcester, a main theme of Cowley's Plantarum.

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