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[anon. translator:] Translation of the Sixth Book of ... Plantarum (1680)
[various:] The Third Part of the Works (1689)  //  Poems Commending Plantarum
Prosary, or a Critical Garland: Prefaces, Essays, Early Lives
Elegies on the Death (1667)
Fugitive Pieces: Related Short Texts Not by Cowley

Other Parallel Texts (Latin-English)

Plantarum 4.1-48 -- "Hymnus in Lucem" / "To light" -- "Solitudo" / "Solitude" -- Ode "Quid relinquendos" / "Why dost thou"

Drake's Chair Lands in Oxford  //  "The Living Author's Epitaph" (Latin) Englished by Various Hands

Editions and Early Illustrations

Abraham Cowley: Plantarum libri duo (1662)

Abraham Cowley: Poemata Latina (1668)
Abraham Cowley: Works illustrated (1707) Lives of the Poets, ed. Hazlitt (1854)

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