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Fugitive Pieces: Related Short Texts Not by Cowley

Visit our Outside Links for some online editions of longer texts highly germane to Plantarum or Cowley's other writings; other short verse and prose texts of note for their less or more ironic resonance with some of Plantarum's major themes are
"Bacchus Turn'd Doctor," Virtual Standpoints: the Power of Outlandishness, "Orpheus his Descerpcion" (On Charles I's Beheading), "The Theater of England's Miseries," Charles II in 1651: a Luciferan Dawnstar's Return, Dying to Help Out (Mors perniciosorum gratissima), John Crouch, "Loyall Reflections" (1661--Royal Oaks old and new), "Man is an inverted tree," and parerga from Dendrologia: Dodona's Grove (1640-50) and Anth[e]ologia, or the Speech of Flowers (1655)
Numerous points of contact between these and Cowley's own text are included in our line-keyed web-links.

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