The Abraham Cowley
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Colonna: Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The strife of love in a dream (1499; 1546)
Alciati: Emblemata, ed. Mignault (1621)
Aneau: Picta Poesis (1564)
Maier: Atalanta Fugiens (1618)
Dodona's Grove, or the Vocall Forest (1640-50)
When the Worm Turns / The Theater of England's Miseries (1650-51)
Fuller: The Speech of Flowers, Partly Moral, Partly Mystical (1655)
Still talking: the language of flowers
Living chained to the dead
History stalling for time
Emblem of Cambridge, Cowley's Alma Mater
Flora attired by the Elements
When they a-nutting went
Man ex tree; link to Geerhardt de Jode: Mikrokosmos
Link to Cromwell felling "The Royall Oake of Brittayne"
(from John Cooper, Oliver the First [London, 1999])
Link to
"The Embleme of ENGLANDS Distractions"
(William Faithorne, 1658)

Virtual standpoints: the power of outlandishness / Additional emblem links
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