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Through Concord Kingdoms Flourish Earth the Planter / Four Seasons' Fecundity Pegasean Trick-Rider (Desultor)
Archer Apollo Plants' Realms of All Degrees Cosmic Coordinates / Empire Without End
Winners and losersThe Serpent of Health Hope in flower / Best of princes
Public Trust Bearing Fruit The Human Race's Saving Horned River-God (Rhenus)
Hera-Herakles Janus in state Light-Bringing Diana
Nile, Hippo, and Croc Arethusa in Transit Venus ready for battle
Emperors on Eagles' Wings Assafetida Central Janus shut up?
Founding Floralia Flora / Flora's reverse? Dawn's Horses / Medusa and Roma
Mars Born of a Flower, Mother Juno Baby Jove on Cretan Goat Out of Ilium: Aeneas en route with Anchises
Tanit, Carthaginian Juno Founding Cerialia Restoration and phoenix
The Thunderer at Work Peace displayed Concordia / Ceres with Poppies
Solar Currency Tipsy Bacchus on Ass's Back Bacchus out of Bounds / Savior Hercules
Mithridates King of Pontus Cybele, Mother of the Gods Herculean virtue
Judaea capta Peacemaking Minerva Amazon en garde?
Virtue of the Romans / Roma as Amazon Imperial Apollo Plus Ultra / Golden Fleece
Out-bruting the Brutes Europe on Top Oak Civic Crown
Nymphs upholding the oak Charles I Militant (Declaration Half-Crown) When the Worm Turns
Nemesis in Attendance Liberty and the state Out of Charles, Charles / Britannia Presiding
Neptune / Amphitrite Lowestoft Prize Medal First Things Ethereal Preening
This section of the Cowley image-archive is partly inspired by John Ogilby's 1662 iconographic memorial for Charles II's coronation festivities, in which the ideologically charged imagery of ancient numismatics constitutes a prime basis for Charles II's own iconography of kingly legitimacy. Entries herein appear in the order in which they impinge on the sense of Plantarum (click here for a searchable list of the Latin line-numbers with keyed images). Items imaged in this section [[thumbnails version]] were the editor's.
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De Bye,
Imperatorum Romanorum ... Numismata Aurea (1627) / Cohen, Description historique des monnaies frappées sur l'Empire Romain (1880-92)
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